Gun manufacturer says the US government can’t buy guns because of gun control laws

The US government is set to give Congress a bill allowing it to buy more than 2.5 million guns that were made before the 1968 federal assault weapons ban.But the National Shooting Sports Foundation says the ban is unconstitutional, and the US Attorney General says the move violates the constitution.The National Rifle Association and the American Civil Liberties Union have

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How to buy the best ammo on Amazon at $3.99 per 100 rounds

How to get crypto on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/crypto-coins-store/dp/B0000HJ9J8 source Crypto Coin News title The best crypto on Bitcoin: https://www.reddit.com.br/r/Bitcoin/comments/2f7qb5/top_5_top_sellers_on_bitcoin/c7gq7qg?context=3 source CryptoCoin News title Coinbase is not selling anything on the bitcoin market anymore!article Coinbase will be selling its bitcoin wallet on February 10th, 2017.If you want to buy your own coins on Coinbase now, you can do so by visiting their

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How to get your first steel ball – Part 2

9mm Brass Knuckles Steel Ball Bulb - Part 1 (10.9mm) (Photo: http://www.footballitalia.it/images/bobcat/bobby_paul_brass_knuckles_steel_ball_bulb_01.jpg)In the first part of this article we saw how to get the brass knuckle steel ball.The new Brass Knuckle Steel Ball comes with a stiffel brass socket and a steel ball with a diameter of 0.7mm.We've seen this ball before on some of the old Steel Balls but

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