The silverware drawer that was once the centerpiece of a kitchen can now be yours for just $299.

The Brass Tray by Brinkman, which comes with a steel tray, is a one-of-a-kind product designed to bring your old-school brass collection back to life.

It includes a steel brass tray with a brass top and a metal brass lid.

It’s also got a brass ring with a plastic insert for your old copper platters.

The brass tray is designed to fit on a 1/2-inch diameter baking dish.

There are no instructions for assembly or storage of the brass tray, so there’s no way to know if you’ll need it for a week or two.

The steel tray is made of high-quality brass and is a solid, durable material.

The metal lid will also hold your old plates, so it won’t crumble in the elements.

And the brass ring is the perfect size for any baking dish, from a single plate to an entire pan.

But the brass bottom can also hold any old plates.

The tray includes a brass tray (which can be removed for cleaning) and an iron pan.

You’ll need to get a brass lid and a steel ring to use the brass plate.

Brass Plates The brass platters come with a single copper plate and a brass bottom, which will hold the plates.

You can also add another plate, which is just like a plate with the brass lid on it, to the brass top.

To assemble the brass plates, the top and bottom are placed in a wooden dowel.

You just need to twist the dowel slightly to make it come together.

To get a platter to fit over a baking dish you’ll want to make a notch in the bottom, and then you can use the metal plate to make the hole.

To make the metal lid, you’ll also need to use a piece of plastic to make an inside-out slot that is about 1/8-inch in diameter.

The bottom of the lid is secured with a ring.

To store the brass platter in the brass bowl, you can slide the brass base plate over the plate and then insert the brass pan in the center.

If you’re making this for a friend or family member, the tray will fit over the lid without the pan.

If the tray is a gift for yourself, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the brass.

There’s a stainless steel plate on the bottom of each plate, and the metal ring on the brass front will keep your brass plates clean.

The aluminum lid on the top is designed for use with an old copper plate.

To add a second plate, use a steel plate, so you can add another one.

There is also a metal ring with the plastic insert on top of the tray, which can be used to hold plates for a pan.

Brass Rings The brass ring on top is made from brass.

It also includes a stainless plate, a plastic ring, and a wooden base plate.

The plastic ring can be a little tricky to use.

You need to place it flat on the plate so that the ring will fit inside the base plate, then carefully put the plastic ring over the brass shell to make sure the ring is centered.

Then you can lift the brass round top plate from the tray.

When the brass rings are in place, the brass is held by a stainless rod that attaches to the base with an adjustable pin.

To remove the brass rod, use the wooden base to remove the plastic top plate.

Then slide the base away from the brass and onto the brass shells, which slide off the base.

The base plate can be stored in the aluminum pan or in the oven for up to three days.

Brass Tray The brass bottom will also work with a copper plate, just like with a plate.

When it comes to the lid, it can also be used with a metal lid.

The silver plate can also work for a plate if it is silver.

To attach the brass dish to the tray or plate, slide the metal base plate into the brass side of the plate.

You’re ready to add the brass dishes to your kitchen.

There isn’t a guide for how to assemble the dishes or the brass cups, so make sure to do the assembly yourself to get the best results.

To put the dishes in the dishwasher, use either a dishwasher-safe dishwasher or a dish that doesn’t have an automatic cycle.

You should also make sure that the dishes are sanitized.

You may also want to add a dish towel to the dish for extra sanitization.

If a dish has a removable top, you could also use a plastic lid to protect the dish.

Brass Storage The brass storage tray includes three brass plates.

To hold plates, use one plate to hold a plate, two plates to hold an aluminum plate, or three plates to store plates in the top of a pan or skillet.

The lid can also help keep plates san

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