By now, you’ve probably seen the iconic blue guitar, the one that’s been featured in everything from Transformers to Jurassic Park.

The one that was so famous that the film “The Lion King” took inspiration from it.

It’s the same guitar that makes the song “Blank Space,” and it’s also the same instrument that’s used to control a large, circular robotic arm that moves across the screen in “The Matrix.”

It’s also, according to a team of researchers, the most common instrument in human hands.

The researchers say that over the last few years, the electromechanical guitar has grown into a $1 billion business.

The team behind the research, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), said that over 100 million electric guitars were sold worldwide in the last five years, and over two billion of those instruments were made using the “electronic instrument” concept.

Their research was published in the journal Nature Communications on Wednesday.

It describes a robotic arm using magnetic fields and electronics to control two metal knuckles on a steel base.

These knuckles are connected to two magnets, which are both in the same position.

When the magnets are pressed together, the magnets attract each other, and when pressed together again, they’re attracted to the opposite end of the steel.

This creates an electric field, which the researchers say is “physically measurable at the metal knuckle and in the electromagnet.”

The researchers said that the magnetic field can also be manipulated by applying electric currents to the knuckles.

The arm can be controlled using software, which they call “a self-modulating electric instrument.”

It could be used to play a musical note, or it could be controlled by a human user, and they hope that by creating such a robotic robot, they’ll be able to use it to help people who are paralyzed or disabled.

“We envision that this instrument will help people with various kinds of disabilities, whether it’s a spinal cord injury, stroke, or just any kind of condition where the muscles and nerves are not strong enough to control the arm and the fingers,” said one of the researchers, Chris DeBary, who worked on the project while he was at MIT.

“For those who are in that position, we believe it could give them a little bit of a boost, but it could also allow them to get into their daily lives again.”

DeBry said that while he’s not a scientist by training, he is interested in how science is used in the field of robotics.

He hopes that, with his research, other researchers will be inspired to take this concept to their own creations.

“In the future, it may be possible to use this kind of robotic instrument to control small robots,” he said.

“But I’m a big fan of human-scale robotic systems, and I think that this will be a really cool piece of work.” [MIT News]

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