The best cocktail in the world comes from just about anyone with a bottle of vodka and a bit of ingenuity.

Whether you’re looking for an old fashioned, simple, and elegant cocktail, or you want to add something more sophisticated and unique, a simple brass monkey is a great starting point.

With a little ingenuity and a dash of creativity, this is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite classic cocktail without having to worry about a messy bar.

Brass monkey cocktails are easy to make, and if you’re ready to start building your own, this guide is sure to provide you with the tools to get you started.

The basics of brass monkey cocktails The first step is to buy a bottle and fill it with a few different liquids.

You can buy bottles of spirits like vodka, gin, and tequila, as well as sparkling water, which you can purchase at a local liquor store or online.

A simple brass bottle can hold about a liter of spirits.

This will give you enough spirits to fill the entire bottle.

You may want to use a smaller bottle if you have more spirits to drink.

Pour some vodka into the bottle.

While it is not necessary to have vodka on hand, vodka will help add richness to the cocktail.

Pour about a half-liter of vodka into your brass bottle, then add about a quarter-liter for the rest of the ingredients.

If you’re making a cocktail for a group, this may not be a problem.

Pour the vodka into a large pitcher, then fill the pitcher with the remainder of the liquid.

Now add your bitters.

The bitters will add a slight flavor to the mix, and will add to the overall complexity of the cocktail in some way.

The best bitters are mint and cardamom.

Mint and cardom are both herbs that are popular in Italy, and they can be found at many traditional Italian restaurants.

They are commonly used to sweeten drinks, as in this homemade version of the barbeque sauce, and are used to add a depth of flavor to your cocktail.

A few notes on the bitters: Mint and baramom are known for having a bittersy effect, so you may want a few of them in the cocktail, and a few in a separate container.

If your cocktail is meant to be served with an ice cold drink, make sure to make sure your bitters is fresh and cold.

Mint bitters will keep for at least a month, but if you do not want to keep them for that long, simply leave them out.

In general, the bitters will taste more like mint, but they are a bit sweeter than the bitters you may be used to.

You’ll also notice that there is a slight sweetening flavor to them.

If it is a barbequed version of a cocktail, use some mint for the base, and some cardamoms for the garnish.

For an extra touch, add a dash or two of vanilla extract.

If using the barbé version, try adding a dash, too.

The simple cocktail ingredients In the same way you add the ingredients to the bar, you’ll need to add the same basic ingredients to your brass monkey.

You will probably need a few basic ingredients like bitters, sugar, and vinegar to make the cocktail—all of which can be purchased at a liquor store.

When you are ready to mix the ingredients together, you need to pour the liquid into the brass bottle.

To do this, you can simply push the bottle in, and let it settle for a few seconds.

Then you can pull the bottle out with your fingers, and gently pour the remaining liquids in the bottle, until it is filled to the top.

Then, with the top of the bottle still empty, add the vodka.

The vodka should be stirred vigorously, and should taste just like you would drink.

The first part of the process is fairly straightforward.

After the vodka is mixed, add about half a tablespoon of sugar to the bottom of the brass monkey bottle.

Next, add some bitters.

If the bitters is not strong enough, add another half teaspoon.

Now pour the rest (or most of the vodka) into the glass, and then pour the whole bottle back in.

The cocktail will be complete!

The simple way to make a brass monkey This simple brass cocktail is very easy to do and is usually a hit at any bar, especially if you are already a veteran of the art of making cocktail classics.

The basic ingredients for this simple brass barbequet include vodka, vodka, bitters, bittersy, and bitters, and water.

You might also like to add in some orange juice or lemon juice.

The ingredients for a simple barbeqe include bitters, soda water, sugar and bittersy.

When using a simple cocktail, you want the ingredients mixed together thoroughly before adding the drinks.

It is also important to add water to the vodka and bitters before adding any of the other liquids.

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