Dublin city council has erected a huge sign which reads: “Beware the Ballymurphy”.

The sign has been erected by the Beady Bums and a group of local nationalists and the sign says: “Be careful the Belly of the Bicambara.”

It is a reference to the Battersea Power Station.

The sign, which has a bronze-coloured dome, was erected in honour of the 1916 Rising which saw loyalist paramilitaries storm the Bairnsdale Power Station and kill as many as 4,000 civilians.

The Belly, in the centre of the city, is one of the largest monuments of the Rising, and the Bizarre sign was installed to mark the occasion.

“This is a very important and controversial event, it was a major turning point in Irish history,” said Mr Cavanagh.

Mr Cavanaugh said the monument had already been put up by a group called the Bitter Enders, who have campaigned to remove the bust of King George the Third.””

It’s just a matter of time before the monument comes to Dublin and I’m sure the Bodies of Ireland and the Irish people will want to be able to see it, as it was an incredible event.”

Mr Cavanaugh said the monument had already been put up by a group called the Bitter Enders, who have campaigned to remove the bust of King George the Third.

“We were very upset about the fact that there were two flags flying on the Monument, the one that’s now in the park is the British one and the other is the Irish one,” he said.

“When it comes to flags, the Bitterers are not a political party, they’re a small group of patriotic Irishmen who were not happy with the British flag.”

The group have also been involved in a dispute with the Dublin City Council over a sign they erected at the top of the Monument last year.

“The sign is the last of the British flags flying at the monument.

The British flag has been removed from the Monument and will be taken down soon,” the group said on Facebook.”

There is an issue between the Bishops and the Monument.

We don’t want to have any more conflict with the Bitty Bums.”

A spokesperson for the Baudy Bum group said the sign was put up after it was pointed out that the Batsford Power Station had been attacked on the eve of the Battle of the Somme.

“It was put in honour that the Irish Army was involved in the Battle and it’s a reminder of what happened in 1916, but it also reminds us of the importance of the battle itself,” they said.

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