The Washington Post article The brass bells at the National Memorial for the Victims of Communism are a rare example of an artifact dating back to the 1930s and still in use today.

The bells were originally placed there in 1941 as a memorial to the thousands of people who perished in the Nazis’ purge of Jews, Gypsies, communists and other undesirable groups.

Now they serve as a reminder of the brutality of the Nazis, a reminder that millions died during the war, and a reminder to the rest of us that the end of the Cold War brought many to our doors.

But it’s not just a reminder, said David Bielicki, executive director of the American Jewish Historical Society in Washington, who’s seen them for the first time.

He said they’re also a symbol of what happened in Germany, which was, in some ways, a continuation of the Holocaust.

“When you think about how the Holocaust unfolded, it’s the most terrible thing that’s happened to the Jewish people,” Bielinkisaid.

“It’s a tragedy that the Jews were not spared.

That’s the whole point of the bells: To remind us of that tragedy.”

It’s the first bell of its kind in the country.

It was first installed in 1941 and was then restored in 2013.

The Bell of Remembrance was designed by David B. Rabinowitz and Daniel S. Zagorski, who also designed the national flag of the Soviet Union and other Soviet relics.

They commissioned the bells to be displayed in the National Museum of American History in Washington.

The bell, with its silver, blue and red bands and gold and white crescent and star design, has been placed in the hallowed grounds of the National Military Park in Charlottesville, Va.

The bell’s first visit to the park came in September 2017, when a group of children were among the many who visited to have a peek at it.

The National Military Parks Service commissioned the installation of the bell, which sits on the top of a steel bell tower and is surrounded by a granite stone pillar.

Bielikisaid the bell is the oldest such bell in the United States.

It’s been in the park for more than 150 years.

The bell is part of a larger monument to the victims of the war that includes other relics, including the remains of the Statue of Liberty and the remains and remains of two U.S. soldiers.

At the National Monument, the bell sits next to a bronze replica of the bronze statue of Gen. John B. Pershing, the Army’s first general.

After the monument, the bells are visible from the National Mall, where they are also displayed as part of the memorials to the American heroes killed during World War II.

Bielickisaid he hopes that the bell will become part of our national memory.

“There are a lot of people out there who will see it,” he said.

As the bells sit on the National Capitol grounds, the park has also added a plaque honoring the victims’ names, which were inscribed in English and Spanish.

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