In the heat of a Champions League tie against Bayern Munich, Bayern Munich’s goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is called into action after he drops a ball to a teammate and a ball is pushed towards the back of the net.

Neuer was unable to save it.

In the meantime, the ball is flung towards the goal from the side, but the ball falls to a player on the ground.

It was one of many incidents that caused problems for Bayern Munich in the match, with the players all complaining about the way the referee handled the situation.

The incident is an example of how the referee in the last round of the Champions League was not a great tactician, nor a good decision maker, according to Antonio Zampierri, who was a referee at Juventus and then at Inter Milan.

“It was a total accident that occurred on the line of play,” Zampri told the Juventus news agency.

“The goalkeeper was in the right position and the ball was not even touched, so the ball went past him.

The referee has to know that if you have the ball in your possession, it’s not a goal and you have to take it.

It’s not the referee’s job to stop that.”

Zamparri added: “He [Neuer] had the ball on his shoulder, which is the position that he is supposed to be in, so there was no need for him to be so aggressive, and the player who dropped the ball should not have been penalised for that.”

At Inter Milan, Gianluca Vialli, the assistant to the referee, explained to reporters that it was the referee who had the responsibility of making a decision in such a situation.

“We all understand that we have to be aware of the situation, that it’s dangerous to push the ball,” Vialli said.

We are only looking to be alert.””

In football, you have a certain number of players in the side and we have a referee.

We are only looking to be alert.”

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