On the heels of a blockbuster summer that included the release of “Wolverines” by Universal Pictures, “Wanted” star Bruce Willis is giving fans another reason to take a look at his tattoos.

Willis has a “Want” tattoo on his left arm, and another on his upper left arm.

The first one is an intricate depiction of the “W” of his initials, with the letters “W.”

On the left arm is an image of a man with a red mustache, a red bow tie and a red shirt with a “w” on it.

The second tattoo has a cross-shaped silhouette of Willis’s “W”-shaped tattoo.

The third tattoo has the words “WANT” and a silhouette of a large man holding a handgun.

WillIS tattooed on right arm”WANTED” is on the left forearm and is the same tattoo on the right arm, the actor told TMZ in a video interview released Monday.

The “W’ in ‘Wanted’ stands for “Want,” the abbreviation for “wanted.””

A lot of times, people have different meanings. “

A lot of people are using that as a metaphor.

A lot of times, people have different meanings.

You can see it in the tattoos.

It’s a very complicated meaning.”

Willis’ latest tattoo is on his right arm.

He says he was inspired to ink it after reading a “The Wolverine” story, which he says was inspired by the character’s history.

“The Wolverine,” a 1989 comic book series, tells the story of a mutant named Logan who gets a tattoo of the letter “W,” which is the initials of his character’s name, Wanda Maximoff.

In a similar fashion, Willis says his tattoo has an inverted “W'” as a tribute to his father, a Marine veteran.

The actor also says his father also got a tattoo in honor of the Vietnam War.

Willises father died when he was 22.

The tattoo was created when he became a Marine, and is in honor his father who was also killed in the war.

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