The brass eye, also known as the brass curtain rod, is an antimicrobial glass that absorbs harmful bacteria from the floor of a bathroom.

Its unique design means that the glass is a single piece that can be removed by hand, even in a bathroom where it’s being cleaned.

The metal rod can be bent and polished to reveal its interior design and functionality.

The brass rod is made of brass and is available in three styles.

The Brass Bracket Rod is made from brass and has a brass rod at the top.

The Copper Brass Bracelet Rod is a copper-based plastic rod that can easily be removed from the brass rod and replaced with a stainless steel rod, which is also available in stainless steel and copper-plated versions.

The Brass Antibacterial Glasses are a useful tool for anyone cleaning a bathroom, particularly when it’s a very dirty bathroom, said Andrea Zwier, a certified medical assistant and owner of The Bamboo Care Company, a boutique spa in Los Angeles.

“When you are in a very filthy bathroom, you want to protect the environment.

You want to prevent contamination,” Zwiers said.

Zwiesens business offers a brass-free, antibacterial bathroom and bathroom cleaners.

“It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done,” Zwart said.

She said that when she cleans her bathroom, she uses the brass rods because they are strong and long lasting.

The rods are easy to clean and are also very inexpensive, according to Zwie.

The only problem, said Zwieters owner, is that the rods need to be changed daily.

“If you have a clean bathroom, it doesn’t really matter when they’re changed.

If you have one dirty bathroom that you want clean again, you just need to take the rod out, and you put a new one in.

So you don’t have to worry about the cleaning and replacing,” she said.

Zwart said that her company sells the rods and the products in her shop.

She also offers free consultation services and referrals for people who have experienced similar issues.

Zwart has had to change the rods three times, which has been a challenge because she doesn’t have a professional to help her.

Zweier said that since she has been cleaning her bathroom in the past three months, she has had her bathroom cleaned by three different professional cleaners.

The products are a good investment for anyone looking to clean their bathroom.

Zwart is a certified personal care expert and her practice is located in Los Gatos, California. “

The rods are really great for people with allergies because they’re not going to smell and they’re very soft, so they can easily handle things that you can’t handle.”

Zwart is a certified personal care expert and her practice is located in Los Gatos, California.

She recommends that people with a chronic illness, like a cancer or diabetes, wear a mask or other protective clothing while cleaning bathrooms.

For more information about cleaning your bathroom, visit the American Association of Health Care Organizations website at

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