It’s easy to forget about the history of brass rail hoboken, the one-of-a-kind fixtures from the 19th century.

Now, a pair of Chicago-based brass rail builders are making the world’s most iconic fixtures more affordable.

The new brass rail rail hoboers are the brainchild of Ben Johnson, who owns the company that produces the hobo’s iconic design.

Johnson, in a phone interview, said he and his team have been in talks with an architectural firm in New York about the hoboners for about a year, and have narrowed down the designs to two that can be produced in Chicago, which he hopes to open by the end of the year.

When I started, I thought the brass rail was going to be a novelty and a cool thing to see in a gallery.

Now that it’s become a part of our everyday life, we just want it to be as iconic as possible, Johnson said.

We have three different hobo styles, but there’s a specific style for antique brass and a modern style for modern brass.

The first hobo, the Classic Brass Rail, is made from steel tubing, while the second, the Modern Brass Rail features aluminum tubes.

Johnson said he has not yet decided whether to offer a steel hobo or aluminum hobo.

He has already talked to some major manufacturers, and he hopes that some of the designs he makes will be available for sale.

Johnson said he hopes the hOBOCRAFT brand can help elevate the hobs, which are a staple of many homes in the Northeast.

They’re one of the best-kept secrets in the home, and the hobbings can add an additional dimension to any interior, he said.

“The hobo is a perfect compliment to the modern, contemporary, and functional design,” he said in an email.

“I hope the people who buy them will realize that it is not only decorative, but functional and beautiful.”

The hobos come in a variety of styles, including the Classic Rail, Modern Rail, and Modern Brass.

The Classic Brass is one of a handful of hobo models that is available in two versions: a classic, made of brass that’s not as easy to work with and looks like a steel-tube hobo; and a Modern Brass, made from aluminum that looks like an aluminum hob but is more durable.

To get started, visit the Modern Rail site, or call (800) 753-4711.

For more information, visit or visit

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