Antique brass fuse replacement is not cheap and a simple and straightforward procedure can be done by using a common, inexpensive tool.

If you need to replace a brass fuse, you can try to avoid replacing it by using an antique brass fittings.

A common, common-sense approach to fixing an antique fuse is to replace the fuse by using ordinary brass fittes.

The brass fitties can be purchased from the store or online.

They can be found for a nominal fee.

These brass fittys will fit under the fuses and will prevent the fuse from catching fire, as it does not have to be cleaned.

You will need a piece of tin or tin foil to mark the fuse, which you can do by cutting out a piece from a piece you are about to replace.

You can use the fuse to keep the fuse clean.

If the fuse catches fire, the fusings will need to be replaced.

If it is not caught on the fuser, you will need the fuse again.

To replace a fuse, first clean the fusing with rubbing alcohol.

This will remove the corrosion that is built up on the fuse and help to remove any dust that might be in the fuse.

Next, clean the fuse with alcohol.

The alcohol can be used to remove the residue left behind by the previous cleaning.

You may also use a metal brush to remove debris left behind on the metal surface of the fuse where the fuse was used.

The alcohol will also help to seal the fuse in place.

After you have cleaned the fuming fuse with rubbing Alcohol, you may also spray it with household cleaner to remove dust and debris.

You should have the brass fittages lying around to use if you have a good idea of how to repair an antique fuse.

You can also use them to replace fuses that are in poor repair.

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