The brass knuckles and brass hooks pen are both the latest items in a long line of pens that will be offered for sale on etsy in Canada.

The knuckles are a white metal knuckle with an engraved brass hook.

The pen is priced at $40, and the hooks are $20.

They’re the latest products from the maker of the Brass Knuckles, which first launched in the U.K. in 2012 and sold in the United States for $40.

It’s now available online and in Canada via the online marketplace

The Knuckles are sold at The Brass Knuckle pen and the Knuckles both come in two sizes.

They both have a black ink pen nib.

Both pens are priced at US$25, which is cheaper than the average price for pens on Etsy.

Knuckles are not the only pen in the Brass family, which includes the Brass Hook and Brass Pencil.

This year, the Brass Pen Company is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its brass pen.

Brass Pen Co. was founded in 1967, and it’s a division of the pen manufacturer Cintiq.

A brass pencil is a fine tool for marking up notes, scribbling, and creating artworks.

The brass pen, which uses a metal clip to hold it, has become a popular choice for people who prefer a paper or metal pen to ink.

Last year, a new Brass Pen came out that’s priced at U.S.$20.

In addition to Brass Knobs, the company has a selection of pens, which include the Brass Line, Brass Line Black, Brass Pen, Brass Paper, Brass Ink Pen, and Brass Ink Paper.

If you’re interested in purchasing a brass pen or hook, you can check out for more information.

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