A new spray-painted shampoo brand from the brand Brass in Pocket is on the shelves of supermarkets.

The brand’s slogan, “The Best of Brass in Your Pocket”, is a nod to the spray-painting process, which involves using brass in your pocket and then painting it with a paint brush.

The spray paint is then allowed to dry on your clothes before being put back on.

The product retails for about $10 for a tube, or about $60 for a tub.

But the brand’s owner, Paul DeMille, says Brass in the Pocket is about making the “most out of the most common” in his home.

“We’re taking what we love from our local communities, our home and our life and using it to create something that’s going to make us happy,” he said.

“I think Brass in The Pocket is the future of what you can do with your house.”

Mr DeMilles said he was inspired to create Brass in his own home after spending a few months working with local tattoo artists in Perth.

“They were really passionate about the art of tattooing and they really appreciated what I was doing, so they were very excited about doing it,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

Mr De Mille said he wanted to offer a product that would be “accessible, affordable and sustainable”.

“It’s a product with a long history and it’s a way of getting out of your own house, and I thought, ‘Let’s get a lot of people using this and hopefully it will get out of there’.” He said he hoped Brass in pocket would help people “turn their back on their everyday routine”.

Mr De Marles’ personal brand Brass is also on sale at online retailer Amazon.

The name is derived from the local language of Brass, which means “brass”.

Mr Mille says Brass has received praise for its “fun and playful” packaging.

“Brass in The Spot” is an “urban street art” collection.

The collection features a collection of graffiti-inspired street art.

He said Brass was also inspired by the work of local artist and graffiti artist Tom Moles.

“It started as a hobby and it was just about having fun with it,” Mr Demille said.

He added that Brass would be selling on eBay “because it’s really great”.

“We are also planning on getting into the toy and gaming market as well,” he added.

“My wife is into toys and games, so she is really into them.”

For more local news, visit the ABC Local page.

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