A Colt Brass drawer pulls the trigger on a pistol drawer, a steel mailbox pulls the triggers on a rifle drawer.

But they’re not the only gun drawers around the country.

Some of the guns and ammunition in the drawers are loaded, but not loaded fully, making it difficult for law enforcement to know if they are loaded and ready to fire.

The drawers and the ammunition are loaded.

Photo: ABC News “It’s a lot like a gun store,” Sergeant Tom Sorenson said.

“You look at the pictures, you look at a gun and you’re like, ‘Well, there’s no way they’re loaded’,” Sergeant Sorensons duty as a police officer with the NSW Royal Australian Constabulary is to help police understand how the guns work.

He said while a gun can be loaded, it can also be empty.

“If the gun has been loaded it will always be a gun that has a magazine,” Sergeant Sorensons assistant commissioner in the Northern Territory said.

“[But] if it has been empty, then the gun doesn’t have a magazine.”

When the police force decided to set up the new department, it came with a lot of questions.

How do I know if I am ready to use a gun?

“I’m sure that’s a good question,” Sergeant Paul Williams said.

Police are trained to use their knowledge to help us understand the safety of firearms.

“We don’t need to be taught to be trained to shoot,” Sergeant Williams said, but when it comes to handling firearms, police should be trained in what to do if they get the wrong answer.

“When you have a firearm, you have to think about where the firearm is, how it’s going to operate,” Sergeant Thomas said.

The gun in the drawer in the photo, is loaded, not loaded.

“What we’re really interested in is what is in there,” Sergeant Thompson said.

What we’re actually interested in, Sergeant Thompson added, is whether or not the gun is ready to be fired.

Sergeant Thompson and Sergeant Searnsons colleague Sergeant Sohan said they have been working together for many years to help train officers to use the department’s gun drawer.

“They are always looking to make sure that they know what the gun can do, how to use it properly, and where it’s stored,” Sergeant Ritchie said.

But Sergeant Thompson told the ABC the training was just starting.

“It will take a lot more time,” he said.

In a bid to understand the firearm, the department began a series of training sessions in July this year, and is also using a new digital gun to train officers.

Sergeant Sene said the department had been working with a gun safety education provider called Gun Safety International.

“I can’t speak to the specifics of the training, but we are using a gun safe to learn the proper use of firearms,” Sergeant Nye said.

Sergeant Nite said the training sessions have been successful.

“For the first time in my career, I’ve been able to use my own weapon for the first two weeks,” he told the Channel Nine news.

“But, it was a little tricky at first because of the fact that the weapon was empty.”

Sergeant Thompson also said the program was very rewarding.

“The first time I actually got to fire the weapon, I had to use that weapon,” he explained.

“And, I can’t wait to see how it performs over the next few months.”

Sergeant Sarno said the new training sessions helped officers understand how to carry a firearm properly.

“Officers now understand how it works, and the training gives them a good idea about how to safely carry it,” Sergeant Thomson said.

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